April 20, 2009

EPA: CO2, Coal a Danger to our Health

A story in today's The State newspaper highlights the risk of proceeding with a new coal plant in South Carolina at a time when everyone else, including federal regulators, are saying "don't do it!"

Essentially, the EPA has said that carbon dioxide, which coal plants pump out like no other, is a danger to public health and welfare and a threat to national security, paving the way for tough new regulations on coal plants.

These new regulations will make coal, formerly everyone's favorite cheap 'n' dirty fuel, very expensive.
Ruling could affect planned coal plant

A federal declaration Friday that carbon dioxide endangers public health foreshadows potentially tougher regulation of coal-fired power plants across the country — including one proposed by Santee Cooper for Florence County.


Frank Rambo, a lawyer for the Southern Environmental Law Center, said the EPA’s declaration also will bolster his organization’s arguments against Santee Cooper’s plant. The law center announced earlier this week it was appealing the DHEC permit on behalf of conservation groups.

“It does add legal weight to our legal arguments,’’ he said.

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