April 1, 2009


Today is a good day. Today is one day closer to the day we quit our addiction to coal and start powering our future in a sustainable way. Today is also 8 days away from a chance for South Carolina to stand up and say, NO MORE DIRTY COAL!

April 8, 2009 from 10-11:30am we will gather at the South Carolina statehouse in Columbia to say, NO MORE DIRTY COAL!

Students and residents from across South Carolina will join in solidarity to say, NO MORE DIRTY COAL! The time for our future is now. The time to protect our health, the lives of our children, and save our land is here. We must make our legislators, state regulatory agency and Santee-Cooper realize we will not stand for more pollution in our state; that our energy future lies in renewable energy, efficiency and conservation.

I ask you to attend this event. To show DHEC and Santee-Cooper and government officials that this plant is not okay! Our waters are already contaminated, our land is polluted and something different must be done. Everyone’s attendance is important to show it is not just a few of us who are opposed, but rather, the majority.

My story is simple. I love my home. I love not worrying about the things I eat, the water I swim in, the air I breathe. I don’t think it is right I should have to worry. There are clean alternatives available for South Carolina, offshore wind for example. Why should any of us have to worry? Well, we should not and that is why we need to say something. If we just sit back and watch this happen, that is exactly what will happen, the plant will be built, because we just let it happen.

I am twenty years old and I am asking you to please stand with me.

April 8, 2009


North Steps, South Carolina State House Columbia.

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or contact Kathryn Hilton hiltonkathryn@gmail.com

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