July 29, 2009

Comments to the board of directors

Here are the comments I made to the board of directors on Monday.

"I oppose any act upon South Carolina that jeopardizes our state's environmental condition. We have jeopardized our Pee Dee River to the point of no ingestion of the river's fish. Well,...bring us some good fish Santee Cooper. Build us a fresh river. Of course you can't, obviously, but certainly not with a new coal plant. You will only worsen our state's condition. And as we gather here today, we discuss paying more to pollute. We will pay more to pollute. That is what you're advocating Santee Cooper. You have an opportunity to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency. The technology is developed, and our government will step in behind you with incentives and economic support. I am a South Carolinian and want the best for my state and I know you do too. I know you do. However, you want to build more coal, which is not in our heart's interest, and raise our rates, which is not in our pocket's interest. Thank you for your time."

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